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Jake: be warned
01 September 2010 @ 07:34 pm
Okay, now mind you, I have spoken to "TJ Wilson" aka Tyson Kidd before on Facebook before. He was the first wrestler to ever reply to me on there (which is probably your best shot, besides signings, etc to talk with a wrestler) and this was back at WM25. Roughly around there, I think.

But now, I saw he was randomly on Facebook IM, and thought 'why not?' So I gave him a ring-a-ding-ding, and I love Kidd. When he first debuted, I knew that he was gonna debut and that I was sure he had skills. I knew he wasn't a Hart, but he was friends with the moron Teddy and Stu trained him, stretched him. He was in the Hart Dungeon, infamous. The last student, in fact.

Plus he's knocking boots with Natalie, which is just... KUDOS Kidd. Kudos.

PhotographsCollapse ) 

Take it for what it is. I feel this is his real Facebook, just like other performers have their own Facebooks. He's had this for a good awhile. Plus Colt Cabana & Dave Prazak are his friends on it.
Jake: be warned
01 September 2010 @ 05:00 am
Hypocrites. I hate them. I hate people who honestly dislike me for all the wrong reasons. Now some people have considered CM Punk arrogant, brash, and an asshole, and that's who he is. But yet you have those fangirls who just absolutely love and chuckle at every little thing he does. Me? I do basically the same thing, and I get... hated on.

If this supposed god is real, how come he has made such stupid people in the world? Either that or parents are sucking nowadays.

My two cents. Doubt they matter to you, but they do to me. I probably won't last long here, posting journal entries and shit. I knew it was better just to lurk and post comments every once in awhile. Not to get in depth into LiveJournal.

Nothing but shame. On ya'lls behalf.
Jake: be warned
31 August 2010 @ 02:21 am
Let me just happily post that: on the 900th RAW Episode Celebration, Punk was seriously so entertaining. I'd even bank on saying he SAVED, yes SAVED... that show from utter and dismal outcomes. He even got Katie Vick #3 trending for a good amount of time. Twenty minutes I think, or even longer. Kudos, Punk the Twitter meister.

But, really... I have been banned from one place (divas-unlimited) and have had TWO warnings on Gamefaqs. I guess boards just don't like my way of thinking. And I didn't even blatantly use cursewords, not knowing that I had to use them like ****ing or something, instead of fucking. Go figure. I hate boards, they are all a bunch of morons who think they can know something about the wrestling business. Or they are just stupid. GO FIGURE.

I'll bump myself back up sometime, no worries no worries. Went from 15 to 5, and a WARNED USER.

Should I just stay away from pro wrestling boards? ... I think I should.
Jake: be warned
30 August 2010 @ 02:54 pm
I'm gonna try and do a daily one of these, just thoughts on the day, what I'm doing, etc. I might be gettin' on some peoples nerves, but when have I ever, EVER cared about that?

First off, Isis: The Amazon. A 6'9 woman, actually decent looking, that WWE are hoping to sign. I haven't seen any of her matches, nor do I really plan on it, but at the same time... WOO. I hope she goes to Smackdown (which they need ladies on there) and destroys Laycool. DESTROYS THEM. I hate the middle school girly gimmick, I hate FLAWLESS, I hate no talent hacks like those two, I just want them GONE. Destroyed. Mauled. Bloodied. Like RVD at the hands of Janice.

ALSO... The Miz is on the October edition of WWE Magazine. WWE really are thinking "all the way" with this man, and when I say that, YES... being on a fuckin' magazine cover does help insinuate that. Punk has been on, TWO covers, and they were both specials. I think back in 07 and than the stupid WM cover, which had dozens of other stars. Not a regular edition one. But The Miz has, who honestly "hasn't been over" or "hasn't been in peoples minds" until summer of last year. 2009. Punk has been relevant and entertaining since 2006 (well, honestly since roughly 2001) and hasn't gotten squat.

I don't know why Vince has all of a sudden got a woody for Miz, a la Hogan for blondes and The Beautiful People, but it needs to stop.

No in-ring skills.
Looks ugly.
Has puffy red cheeks.
Reality star hack.
His mic work is okay, except mostly it's yelling and screaming and cheap heat.

I have barely liked The Miz, and that was solely with the help of John Morrison & The Big Show. Both far greater wrestlers/athletes THAN Jizzy. This magazine thing was just really over the line. He's down our throats on TWO shows, he yells and screams and people consider that great microphone work, and it's frustrating.


I do feel really sorry if you all have suddenly become a Miz fan, like most "fans" of his since he won the MITB briefcase.
Jake: be warned
29 August 2010 @ 10:43 pm
No, not the moron trying to impersonate MISTA T! The rampage I went on today was, not only watching (rewatching) some episodes from Leverage... it's quickly becoming my second favorite television show, behind Psych. I don't know why. I mean, it was adequate first episode and second, than I just lost touch.

Now I have a background of Hardison/Parker, and I'm just on the Leverage binge. Also, I found a gloryhole of all places for files. I downloaded numerous matches, from the likes of Joe in his early days of TNA alongside AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels (oh we remember those match-ups) to CM Punk matches from Ring Of Honor. WWE? Please. I wouldn't waste my time with WWE!Punk, no matter how rad he is regardless.

I just got done with Joe vs. Kobashi, where at the end their yelling out MATCH OF THE YEAR! MATCH OF THE YEAR! WWE's MOTY is... Undertaker vs. Shawn. Please, that match was one of the most boring I have ever sat myself through.

A couple Punk/Raven matches, Punk vs. Lethal, Davey Richards vs. Joe, etc etc. I went on a wrestling binge as well, and I only recently started watching the glory hole.

You knowX
Jake: be warned
27 August 2010 @ 02:03 pm
This doesn't hurt me, and if that sounds rude, that doesn't matter. I'm here to give the best wishes and condolences to Luna Vachon's family and friends.

I didn't know her.
But I kind of knew she was a real treat in the wrestling business.

Luna Vachon.
Up, up and away.
Jake: be warned
25 August 2010 @ 03:27 pm
So they came in... DUN DUN DUN. I ordered two things from ROH's site; one being a regular black shirt with on the back it says 'Pound for Pound the BEST wrestling' and which in fact, Ring Of Honor does have the best wrestling. I don't give two fucks what you say, you're a moron if you can consider WWE better, and if you dare consider Hogan's regime in TNA having better wrestling. Newsflash; a lot of those X Division stars, Joe, etc CAME FROM ROH. Dumb nuts.

The other shirt being...Collapse )
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Jake: be warned
25 August 2010 @ 12:01 am
Ugh. Look at me, I hate being an ass, no matter what normally is shown. Especially to a sweet girl who has been nothin' but SWEET to me. Nothing but sweets. In which, I apologize (which normally I don't).

I simply came on here to do what I do best: rave on CM Punk. Not only am I actually thoroughly reading Punk's old LiveJournal, which thankfully he still has up in tip top shape, I'm listening to his first shoot, back for RF years ago. The line always gets me, right at the beginning... "WWE... I mean WWF. I hate calling it WWE." Fuck you, good ol' WWE.

People and their trends. If you aren't now, you never were.

Everybody Hates Chris: they mimick from The Cosby Show, and the same actor who played "Mr. Huxtable" in said mimicking, also played as a teacher that got shot at the end of an episode. Silly Chris Rock, and your stupid childhood.

Family Matters marathon on now... but Punk is more important. Sue me?
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Jake: be warned
20 August 2010 @ 01:21 pm
You know those types of crazy people... the ones on here, envisioning Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr. together, constantly. Sure, I could enjoy a girl-on-girl action every now and again, but that doesn't cloud my mind 24/7. I kindly suggest to those girls to get some mental help, because Cody would probably smack you, female or male, just for the sheer THOUGHT of something so hilariously stupid.

Not homophobic. Just allergic to stupid shit.
I'm finally watching Fight Club. For the first time. Ever.
Screwy me?
Jake: be warned
20 August 2010 @ 01:30 am
I stay up to the quiet, endless abyss... what is possibly on my mind? I have to finally go get my license soon, because the rush and feel of just being on the road, to know I can physically go WHEREVER, it soothes me. I'm fuckin' tired of just sitting around the house. Yes, I have Internet. But that can't quench my need to hangout or just GO. I need to also start two online classes in which I can than go pick up my diploma and be officially, literally, done with high school. HS has always been crap to me. I hate the students. I hate the teachers. I hate the assholes. I have never once fitted in. I'm always the awkward, straight edge case. Fuck the haters.

And now, for the billionth time, I'm listening to the CM Punk & Samoa Joe shoot. Of course the audio isn't exactly the same as the video, but it isn't like ROH still has it. Those two were so popular... still are so popular, that of course it'd be racked out. Audio is perfectly acceptable, and helps with the laughter coming from my lips.

Afterwards? Probably going to watch Punk's final match-up in ROH against Colt again. Than sleep, more than likely. I have a good hour left in the audio, than forty minutes of the video? Something like that. The Nanny is on mute, not paying attention.

My bed is comfortable. Curling up.